It is rare that we post something other than the photos, but this has some important information to remember as we prepare for #mayday http://occupywallst.org #m1gs

Define what “fair” is. The top 1% is already paying a higher percent of taxes than everyone else. If “fair” meant “equal”, then that would mean that everyone would pay the same tax percentage regardless of income. If we had a flat tax rate (i.e. same tax % for everyone), then the rich would actually be paying LESS than they are now. Or perhaps “fair” means that everyone pays the same “fixed” tax amount each year. In this system, the rich will again pay less taxes than they are now. Yet the rich use the same public schools, same police officers, same roads, and same bridges as everyone else. So what is “fair”? How about instead of blaming the rich, you turned the blame to yourself? For example, let’s imagine all the rich were suddenly assassinated tomorrow. And then there was no upper-class anymore. In that scenario, all of the middle-class would have to pay MORE taxes to make up for the sudden drop in tax revenue. And that’s pretty much what will happen if we raise more taxes on the rich. They will leave the country and live somewhere were taxes are lower. So, good luck trying to take money from the rich to pay for your entitlements. How about if you try to get rich yourself by working harder? I started off in the lower class and made my way to the upper class by working harder. Obama did the same thing. He’s part of the 1%, too. If your excuse is that you can’t get rich, because you’re not as good as Obama, then just accept that you’re not that good, and don’t deserve better. If you see an athlete win a gold medal at the Olympics, do you ask him to break the medal in pieces and share it with everyone else because it was more “fair”? Or does that athlete deserve to keep that medal, because he trained hard for it while you did not train as hard as he did? Let’s suppose that we tax the rich heavily and get “$4 trillion” in extra tax revenue. A large portion of that money will be ripped out of the stock markets, because rich people invest their money instead of spending it on XBOX’s or adding spoilers to crappy import cars. Do you think that ripping $4 trillion out of the stock markets is going to be great for the economy? There’s a reason why most lottery winners become bankrupt after a few years. It’s because lottery winners are usually poor and dumb. This means that they don’t know how to spend their money wisely and invest in good investments. Rich people do, and that’s why they are able to grow their money. You see, if you give a lot of money to smart guys, they will make more out of that money and in turn, add more to the tax revenue. But if you give money to a bunch of dumb guys, then they will just blow the money on weed or other bad investments. You might argue and say, “Hey, poor people can make good investments, too!” That’s very true! And those people end up joining the rich from their good investments.

So to summarize, as long as people from the lower-class can still become part of the upper-class using the public tools that are provided for free, then there is nothing wrong with the system. The problem isn’t the system. The problem is the people. As more and more dumb people multiply, there will be more dumb people. With more dumb people, we need more money to babysit these dumb people. If the whole world was made of rich, smart people, then there wouldn’t be this problem of lack of money. But if the whole world was made of poor, stupid people, then your problem will get worse. So… who’s the real problem in this world?

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    Define what “fair” is. The top 1% is already paying a higher percent of taxes than everyone else. If “fair” meant...
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